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The Top Searched Mens Boots

The Top 5 Most Heavily Searched Mens Boots

Durable, rugged with thick outsoles – welcome to the world of men’s boots. Whether hiking, working, playing or just living, boot manufacturers from around the world offer mens boots of multiple designs and styles.

Some are function based, like the work safety category. For special occasions or corporate dressers, a Chelsea or Work Boot would be a good choice.

Come discover boot industry leading selections, mens boots heavily searched online, satisfied (and unsatisfied) consumers voting the frontrunners and cult-favs with massive product reviews.

Here are the top favorites, the bestsellers, bargains, and crowd-favorites. Representing the five main boot categories with highest reviews earned, are the top five boots that have earned mass recognition. Mens Boots

Work Safety Category

1. Timberland Earthkeepers

A respectable and well-known brand, Timberland has a strong presence in the mens boot category with these rugged lace-up boots. Constructed with premium leather and tonal stitching, Timberland’s Smart Comfort system offers cushioning while protecting feet. The Earthkeepers are environmentally friendly also, the thick-ridged lug outsole is comprised of 30% recycled rubber.


2. Guide Gear Pull-On

Offering form and function, few other shoes display regional affiliation more than Western mens boots. With traditional cowboy boot elements intact, these leather westerns by Guide Gear are affordable and highly rated. Consumers love the waterproof treated leather, easy wear pull-on style and extremely reasonable price point. Featuring a tall shaft, full-grain leather, and treated with oil-resistant Polyurethane.


3. Merrell Brevard Chelsea

With a sleeker silhouette, this classy menswear compatible option suits slacks and trousers. The Chelsea is the cosmopolitan one out of the mens boot bunch. Usually low to midrise in height, the Chelsea is also characterized by a notable characteristic, an elastic side panel enabling easy pull-on wearability. This option by Merrell is a variation on the take, incorporating a rugged outsole element to the traditional dainty Chelsea outline.


4. Belleville Minimalist Boot

Nothing blends work & function like the next on the list, combat boots. Popular as a mens boot, super popular as a ladies boot, the highly-structured profile of the combat boot commands respect. Combat boots are usually laced, medium to high shafts while crafted of tough materials. True to namesake, the design of the Belleville is minimalistic, built entirely for function. The unique look is attractive – an unintended design. This mens boot is extremely aesthetically appealing. A powerhouse in performance, it is light and flexible, completely weatherproof, fast-drying and weighing less than 2lbs.

Ankle Boots

5. The Florsheim Hugo

The biggest category in mens boots options, comes the everyday entrant, the ankle boot. From a company with brand name recognition, the Florsheim Hugo is ankle boot built for casual wear. Perfect for jeans or slacks, the Hugo is designed with an embedded side-zipper, constructed of milled full-grain leather. Produced as a breathable leather option, Florsheim advertises this ankle boot as so comfortable – you won’t want to take them off after a long day.

The Joys of Mary Jane Shoes

The Joys of Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes have been immensely popular all throughout the planet for many decades now. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking down the streets of North America, Europe or Asia, either. There’s a good chance you’ll see a few women wearing beautiful and stylish Mary Jane shoes. These low-cut shoes are perfect for people who want to look fashionable and timeless. They’re also perfect for big fans of straps. If you want to purchase a great pair of Mary Jane shoes, you don’t have to worry for a minute. Mary Jane shoes are readily available for purchase on the Internet. They’re easy to buy in brick and mortar shops, too.

If you want to buy the highest quality Mary Jane shoes available, it can be a good idea to try the Internet first. There are so many reputable online fashion retailers that have large selections of Mary Jane shoes. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy Mary Jane shoes in classic and muted colors such as black and beige. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy them in more striking and dazzling colors such as pink and bright blue, either. You should be able to find a wealth of options on the Internet. Mary Jane Shoes

Look at fashion retailer reviews prior to completing any Mary Janes purchase. Price points for these shoes frequently vary. That’s why you don’t want to make the mistake of paying too much for them. Search for an online retailer that’s known for excellent value. Look for a shop that gets positive customer reviews all around. It can be frustrating and stressful to pay for Mary Janes that aren’t of high quality. Strong craftsmanship is key. If you want to walk around in shoes that are simultaneously chic and comfortable, you need to opt for the right retailer. Mary Janes that aren’t made properly can lead to significant amounts of discomfort and pain. Who wants to walk around with blisters all over their feet?

It can also be beneficial to speak to other people. You may know fashion-forward people who are familiar with all of the latest and greatest options in Mary Janes. Find out about hot brands that are currently manufacturing these shoes. If you can get information, that can make your shopping tasks significantly easier. Find out about popular retailers that sell these shoes on the Internet. Don’t forget to ask about options that may be available in physical stores, too. If you can find great Mary Janes in person, that can save you on shipping costs.

It’s always wise to learn about store return policies prior to completing transactions. Shoes can sometimes be tricky online purchases. Not being able to try Mary Janes on in advance can sometimes be a little stressful. If you want to protect yourself from worries about your Mary Janes not fitting properly or at all, you should select an online store that has a strong return policy. A return policy can give you peace of mind and comfort.

Womens Sandals – Summer Options

Womens Sandals – All Your Summer Options

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start shopping womens sandals again. These days, savvy consumers have hundreds of options available to them. Whether your priority is comfort, fashion or price, the perfect sandal awaits.

Flip-Flop Sandals
The most basic and arguably also one of the most popular Brand House Direct Womens Sandals is the flip-flop. Flip-flops come in every size and color. The most basic flip-flops are thin and flimsy but so cheap that many consider them disposable. Better flip-flops are certainly available, and your feet will thank you for investing in them. The right flip-flops make a great go-to beach option while fancier designs can finish off a pretty summer party look.

Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are a great option for summer fashionistas that want something dressier than a flip-flop but more comfortable than heeled womens sandals. A nice, basic flat sandal can complement virtually any outfit, be it casual or formal. If you want a flat sandal that makes more of a statement, consider a more elaborate flat like a gladiator sandal.

Wedge Sandals
Wedges are another popular style of womens sandals. Despite the towering trademark wedge heels on these sandals, most women find them very comfortable. Wedges are an ideal choice for barbecues and other outdoor excursions where you will be spending a lot of time on your feet but still want to look feminine. Espadrille wedges have been especially popular in recent summers thanks to their natural, neutral color palette and fun textures.

Block Heel Sandals
Block heel womens sandals are also sometimes called chunky heel sandals. These sandals pair flirty embellishments like ankle ties and toe loops with a heavy, square heel. While not the most comfortable sandal style, block heel sandals are often the style of choice for women attending summer weddings and other formal affairs. The block heel offers better traction and stability than virtually any other heeled womens sandals.

High Heel Sandals
If you can’t imagine compromising your penchant for high heels, even in the summer, then high heeled womens sandals are the obvious choice for you. Of course nothing complements a leg-baring ensemble better than calf-flattering high heels. Stiletto sandals are strictly for the brave, but if you want a look that is runway ready, there is no other option.

Womens sandals are so varied and versatile that finding the right pair is easier than you think. Make dressing for summer fun and easy with one of these flirty styles.

Choosing to Shop for Sandals Online

Choosing to Shop for Sandals Online

Shopping for summer sandals can be both exciting and frustrating. If you aren’t careful, you’re left with a pair of shoes that just don’t get worn very much. This is why a lot of women have chosen to shop for sandals online instead of going to their local shoe store. The way to do this is by finding a great store that sells sandals online and looking through their inventory. There are actually quite a few benefits that come when you make the decision to shop for and buy sandals online.

One of the major benefits to shopping for Brand House Direct Womens Sandals is that you’re able to get a reasonable price for good quality shoes. Unlike a local store that has one set price on their inventory, you’ll be able to compare different sandals from a wide range of different shops. This gives you the chance to buy your shoes from a reputable dealer selling them at a fair price. Plus, when you make the decision to buy sandals online instead of locally, you’re opening yourself up to a world of selection. You will have a much bigger selection of beautiful sandals online than you would in a local store.

womens sandals online

Another key advantage to shopping for sandals online is that you will save a reasonable amount of money. Many online shops offer promo codes and special deals to their shoppers when compared to local stores. Local shoe stores may not have any sales or deals going on, which means that you’re responsible for paying the full price for the items when in their shop. This is annoying when you consider the fact that you can save a significant amount of cash by just buying your sandals online.

Before you just buy the first pair of sandals that you find online, it’s important to find a reputable site that you can buy from. This is ideal for when you’re looking to save some money and get what you need. Not all sandal shops online save you money and are reputable, so it pays to do your research to find what you really need and want. Once you make the decision to buy shoes on the internet, you’re doing something that is going to be of great benefit to you and allow you to walk around in the summer with style. There are tons of sandal shops on the internet, making it easy for you to find what you need without feeling like you’re spending a small fortune just to look your best. It will be easy to walk in style when you know you have an amazing pair of sandals that will be sure to fit every single look that you’re trying to achieve.

Purchasing Sandals Online

Purchasing All of Your Sandals Online

Every woman knows the frustration of purchasing shoes from a local retailer. You go in with the mentality that you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes, only to come out feeling frustrated or that you just settled for something you don’t really like. Because of this, people have been wondering if it’s best to order all of their sandals online. Purchasing a great pair of sandals online is easy, effortless and affordable. In fact, it’s much easier than if you were to go to your local mall just to try to find the right pair of shoes.

Let’s face it, we all want the perfect pair of sandals for the summer season. It’s a way for us to show off a clearly effortless style while also being cool and airy. The perfect pair of sandals is out there, but it can be difficult to find when you’re not shopping for those sandals online. When you make the decision to do all of your shopping on the internet, you’re able to compare styles and prices that will fit into your budget. If you choose the right shipping method, you also won’t need to worry that you’re waiting a long time for them to arrive to your home.

womens sandals online

There are dozens of stores that sell Sandals Online Brand House Direct for a reasonable price. The key to buying all of your sandals online is to make sure that you’re using a reputable dealer. You want to make sure that the sandals online are of high quality and are going to last for longer than just one season. This prevents you from spending a lot of money only to find that the shoes don’t last longer than a few weeks or months. Reading helpful reviews online will give you some insight into how reputable a company is and other people’s experiences with them.

The next time you think about shopping in a local shoe store, keep in mind that there are many retailers that offer great sandals online. You can have your order placed and ready for shipment in a matter of a few minutes, and you can try the shoes on in the comfort of your own home and with a variety of outfits. The majority of stores on the internet that offer sandals have great return policies that are effortless for individuals who want to try something but not commit to keeping it long-term. Choosing sandals online allows you to pick a style all your own that you simply wouldn’t be able to get from your local department store even if you go there in the middle of the season when all of the hottest and latest styles are put out onto the shelves.

Womens Sandals

Womens Sandals

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes sundress and sandal season! Sandals are more popular than ever and lucky for us, there’s so many different styles available to wear. We’ve chosen five of our favorite women’s sandals styles that are trendy and beautiful for summer 2017.

Wedge Women’s Sandals

The wedge was popular in the 1970’s and lucky for us, it’s back! This is one of the most flattering womens sandals styles because of the high heel. Wedge sandals are great because they give you that look of wearing high heels but are much more comfortable. They’re ideal for a night out on the town or for pairing with an outdoor wedding outfit. Women’s Sandals


Flip-flops are a go-to in the womens sandals world. They’re comfortable and versatile. You can keep a pair stashed in your purse when you’re sick of wearing high heels. Slip them on and take a quick run to the store or pair with a maxi dress for a relaxed look.

brand house direct womens sandals


The German-made Birkenstock sandal is a classic, timeless look. This brand of women’s sandals is unbelievably comfortable, especially once you’ve broken in a new pair. They provide excellent arch support and last forever. You’ll be able to wear the same pair for many summers if you’re willing to make the investment.

Strappy Sandals

Women’s high-heeled strappy sandals are a sexy, feminine look. This style of women’s sandals is perfect for a black-tie wedding or a date night out at a fancy restaurant. When choosing a pair of strappy sandals, choose one with a strap that sits at or below your ankle. This will flatter your legs and give you a longer, taller silhouette.

Athletic Slides

If you’re a sporty girl looking for a pair of women’s sandals, you might want to consider a pair of athletic slide sandals. They’re easy to slip in and out of if you’re headed to the pool or leaving the gym. If you lifeguard during the summer, athletic slides are a great, comfortable shoe to wear all day long.

Choosing the best pair of women’s sandals for you can be a bit tough! It’s best to own a wide variety of styles in order to have the perfect pair for each outfit. When you’re shopping, always look for the sandals that are most comfortable for your feet. Look for styles that offer arch support in order to preserve your feet over the years.