How To Style Womens Boots

How To Style Womens Boots


Shoes can be used to express oneself. Boots can take you from work to play. They can dress an outfit up or dress it down. They can provide comfort or add extra height. Women’s boots are no exception. Below are ways to use women’s boots to match a dress code.

Women’s boots can be worn with everyday ensembles easily. During the fall, riding boots and ankle boots can complete an outfit without much effort. Riding boots are no longer for equestrians only. This simple and comfortable style of womens boots can be paired with a slouchy sweater and jeans for the finishing touch to a casual outfit. Generally made with a low, thick heel, these boots are either pulled on or zipped. When shopping for riding boots, be sure to check the space around the calf. A lack of space may make it difficult to tuck jeans inside the boots. However, there is always room for leggings – the perfect bottoms for a casual look.

Similarly, a pair of skinny jeans can be tucked into ankle boots or cuffed just above the top of the boot. Both options provide a splash of style to an otherwise basic look. This type of womens boots also matches well with short skirts, especially those with a flare.

Now that casual outfits have been covered, it’s time to move on to dressing up ensembles using women’s boots. The easiest way to do so is to wear a boot with a thinner and higher heel. It is an instant way to elevate the dress code of an outfit. A leather knee-high boot with a three-inch heel at once adds sophistication and sass. Combine these boots with a knee-length or midi-skirt for an outfit that can go from day to night. The overlap of the skirt’s hem and the start of the boot keeps the entire leg covered and keeps it appropriate for work. For a girls’ night out, consider switching to an over-the-knee boot with just enough of a heel to keep from causing any foot pain.

The right pair of boots can transform any outfit to fit one’s needs. The options for style, color, height, and fit are endless. With a wide variety of possibilities where women’s boots are concerned, there is certainly a pair to match any occasion. One needs only to do a bit of research and test them out.

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