Womens Sandals – Summer Options

Womens Sandals – All Your Summer Options

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start shopping womens sandals again. These days, savvy consumers have hundreds of options available to them. Whether your priority is comfort, fashion or price, the perfect sandal awaits.

Flip-Flop Sandals
The most basic and arguably also one of the most popular Brand House Direct Womens Sandals is the flip-flop. Flip-flops come in every size and color. The most basic flip-flops are thin and flimsy but so cheap that many consider them disposable. Better flip-flops are certainly available, and your feet will thank you for investing in them. The right flip-flops make a great go-to beach option while fancier designs can finish off a pretty summer party look.

Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are a great option for summer fashionistas that want something dressier than a flip-flop but more comfortable than heeled womens sandals. A nice, basic flat sandal can complement virtually any outfit, be it casual or formal. If you want a flat sandal that makes more of a statement, consider a more elaborate flat like a gladiator sandal.

Wedge Sandals
Wedges are another popular style of womens sandals. Despite the towering trademark wedge heels on these sandals, most women find them very comfortable. Wedges are an ideal choice for barbecues and other outdoor excursions where you will be spending a lot of time on your feet but still want to look feminine. Espadrille wedges have been especially popular in recent summers thanks to their natural, neutral color palette and fun textures.

Block Heel Sandals
Block heel womens sandals are also sometimes called chunky heel sandals. These sandals pair flirty embellishments like ankle ties and toe loops with a heavy, square heel. While not the most comfortable sandal style, block heel sandals are often the style of choice for women attending summer weddings and other formal affairs. The block heel offers better traction and stability than virtually any other heeled womens sandals.

High Heel Sandals
If you can’t imagine compromising your penchant for high heels, even in the summer, then high heeled womens sandals are the obvious choice for you. Of course nothing complements a leg-baring ensemble better than calf-flattering high heels. Stiletto sandals are strictly for the brave, but if you want a look that is runway ready, there is no other option.

Womens sandals are so varied and versatile that finding the right pair is easier than you think. Make dressing for summer fun and easy with one of these flirty styles.

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